B.S.Anangpuria Institute of Pharmacy, recognized for its legacy and academic excellence, unfolds several aspects of its academic schedule that makes it an ending line to chase for.

The integral part of B.S.A.I.P. are its students and the institution has maintained its focus on their personal, academic and intellectual growth.

Known for its academic excellence, the institution runs on a regular schedule of seven hours a day which includes six lectures of one hour each as per the student's subjects and syllabi for B.Pharmacy first to the fourth year. One seminar lecture of two periods per day is exclusively slotted in the timetable of the students for delivering their presentations with the support and guidance of their respective teachers to improve the presentation skills of the students.

Besides, the laboratories that work on a three hours timetable are live workshops for students in a batch of two to relate their theoretical teachings to experimental skills under the guidance of their teachers and effectively monitored through CCTV.

Prior to the conduct of the practicals, the students are informed about the laboratory practices, theoretical background of the experiment and its applications in practice which is finally recorded and the record is then verified on regular basis.

The teachers monitor and counsel the students and provide additional guidance to weaker students. The examination process at B.S.A.I.P is planned thrice a year as sessional examinations and it is mandatory for the students to appear in at least any two sessional examinations for internal assessment.

The students also feel privileged to have well updated online attendance and an easily accessible online database for assignments, circulars, and information through AIS online system at B.S.A.I.P.

Adding value to it, the institution grooms its students by organizing seminars and motivating them to participate in the various national and international conferences, IPC, development programmes (PDPs) and guest lectures by dignitaries from CDSCO, academic institutions, regulatory affairs and pharmaceutical industries. The institutional system inspires the students to dream for the gleaming future perspectives. Embellishment to the student’s personality is all B.S.Anangpuria institute of Pharmacy adores.


Pharmacology mainly includes human anatomy and physiology, drug action (including drug toxicity), clinical pharmacy, biological screening of drugs (including clinical trials)


The in-depth knowledge of Crude drugs Viz. Senna, turmeric, Abraham, etc are taught to the learner regarding their chemical compositions, possible adulterants used and their biological actions.

Department of Pharmaceutics

The Department of Pharmaceutics is a place where a firm determination of instruction and service is demonstrated through the excellent productivity and success of our faculty, staff, and students.

Pharmaceutical chemistry

Pharm. Chemistry mainly includes organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and analytical chemistry.

How to Perform the Assay of Metformin Hydrochloride?

How to Prepare Flocculated & Deflocculated Suspension of Magnesium Carbonate?


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